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Switzerland is an amazing place. A small country (relatively speaking) with mesmerizing mountain views, lakes, water falls, and small towns; make it a perfect location for a relaxing vacation. Whether you spend a weekend or a month there, you will never have enough of its beauty.

This time, we visited Lucerne, a small town at the shores of a lake with its namesake. Lucerne is small town with a population of less than 100,000. From there, you can see two prominent mountains, Pilatus and Rigi, which are close enough for day trips if you stay at Lucerne. The scenery from the mountaintops is so breath taking that you might want to stay up there for longer than a day.

Although the old town is small portion of Lucerne, it counts with several attractions that you cannot miss. Chapel Bridge, a 14th Century construction, is the oldest surviving wooden bridge in Europe, although partially reconstructed due to damage caused by a fire a few decades back, the bridge still has large portions of the original construction. Chapel Bridge links the old town to the more modern part of Lucerne. Like many cities near waterways, Lucerne was part of important merchant trails and became an important stop for many travelers and businesses. Therefore, the need to protect it from invasion or destruction was imperative and Chapel Bridge was built as an observation point for the security and protection of the town. The bridge gets its name from its starting point at the St Peter's Church.

In addition to Chapel Bridge, Lucerne has also kept the 16th century Spreuer Bridge in great condition, allowing visitors to cross the bridges and experience a remnant of time. Visiting both bridges is a must and they are next to each other, so there's no excuse not to.

Like most Old Towns throughout Europe, Lucerne showcases beautiful architecture on its Old Town. The narrow streets and the old buildings make a beautiful place to walk around at any time of day. The Reuss River, who cuts through the middle of Lucerne, is lined up with restaurants, dessert parlors, bakeries, and shops. You will find all types of restaurants, a nice place to sit and drink a coffee or beer, or a store to buy anything you might need.

Lucerne is a great town to visit, but make sure you stay a couple of days to enjoy all of what the city has to offer.


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