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Dresden by Night

Germany has slowly become a favorite destination country for our trips. Every city we

have visited has only fed our wanderlust and has left us wanting for more. Dresden is no

exception, we visited for a long weekend and we left feeling like we needed more time to

explore this beautiful city.

We drove across Germany to reach the city on the Elbe; the high speeds on the

autobahn add excitement to the trip experience. We picked Dresden because of its

beautiful architecture, its culture, the historical significance, and its culinary diversity.

Dresden grew from a small fishing village in the 12th century to the magnificent city it is

now due in part to the importance of the Elbe River. As with many cities across the

world, access to fresh water for drinking and irrigating farmlands were significant

factors for choosing a settlement site. With time rivers such as the Elbe transformed

small villages into cities when commerce became of economic importance. Dresden

became an important trading center since the city connects Central Europe to the Baltic

Sea. in addition to its location Dresden's products like salt, wine, textiles, furs, and silk

made its economy and importance grow.

Like most cities around Europe, Dresden has a mix of different architectural styles,

dating across centuries of building and rebuilding the city, some dating back as far as

the 12th century. From the Kreuzkirche or the Church of the Holy Cross, to the Zwinger

Palace, the diversity of styles makes the city a unique place.

My favorite place to visit was the Zwinger Palace. Although in reconstruction, as the

gardens are being rebuilt, you can still admire how amazing of a place it is. originally

used as a royal palace, now it holds a couple of museums, the gardens, and it is used as

an events center. You can find some works by Raphael, Rembrandt, and Vermeer in the

Old-Masters Picture Gallery. The most extraordinary part of the Zwinger, however, is the

Nymphenbad Fountain, which was not fully working when we visited; but, even so, we

could appreciate its beauty and exceptional work.

Another iconic building in Dresden is the Frauenkirche or Church of Our Lady, a beautiful

Baroque-style church located in the heart of old town was completed in the early 18th

century. The church was destroyed during the bombing of Dresden in World War II and

was painstakingly rebuilt after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Today, it is one of the most

recognizable landmarks in Dresden and a symbol of the city's resilience and renewal.

You can climb the 67 meters to the observation deck of its tower, for a phenomenal view

of the city. The effort to reach the top is immediately rewarded when you reach the top.

My favorite views of the city were from across the Elbe River on the Elbe Valley. Day or

night the city shines as a monument to human endeavor and it can be seen from across

the river in all its marvel.

Dresden is a cultural center, it counts with many museums with a great collection of art.

The music scene has something for all ages, from opera at the Semperoper to festivals

of modern music. There is music all over the city, bands in restaurants and bars as well

as talented musicians playing in the streets. Year round you will find cultural activities

around Dresden for every interest and every age.

Dresden has a great culinary diversity. The city counts with restaurants representing

every international genre as well as fusions that bring favorites together in an

unpredictable delight. We were pleasantly surprised when we were presented with a dog

menu along with ours so that Chooch could order food with us.

All in all this has been one of my favorite trips. The city is welcoming to tourists, the

sights of the city are amazing, the Elbe Valley provides an amazing look of the city

during the day or night, and the food is an experience of its own. Visit Dresden, it is

worth it and you will find wanting to go back soon after you leave.


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