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Our visit to the German capital was short, not on number of days, but of free time to explore the city. However, by what we were able to see wandering the largest city in Germany, we were left with an instant desire to return and experience all the terrific sights, food, and experiences the city offers.

We stayed, as habitual, in the city center where walking to attractions is more accessible and where the most historic part of the city is located. Berlin is very big, for European standards, and it is quite dispersed. Therefore, if you want to see everything on your checklist, you will need a few days to explore it all, and be comfortable with the public transportation.

The most impressive site from this trip was the Berlin Cathedral, that stands in a zone that will leave you in awe everywhere you look.

The Berlin Cathedral was originally built in the mid 1400's and has been constructed into what it is now throughout four centuries; as great architectural monuments require vision, talented architects, patience, and lots of time.

To the east of the Berlin Cathedral, just behind it, runs the Spree River; where many gather in the adjacent parks or go for a stroll along the walk way. The river is lined up with museums, restaurants, and recreation areas so everyone can enjoy their day.

Amongst the many historic buildings in the Museum Island, on the north side of Lustgarten, the Altes Museum houses some of the most valuable art pieces in Germany. As part of Museum Island, the Altes is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

On the south side of the Lustgarten Berlin Palace stands as a relic of another time. The residence of house of Hohenzollern, one of the former German royal dynasties. Berlin Palace is part of this magnificent cityscape.

Gendarmenmarkt is a beautiful square in Berlin that is currently undergoing construction, so unfortunately, part of the triad of buildings, French Church, German Church, and the Concert House are covered and not fully visible. We have always encountered renovations and construction projects in every city we have been to, so when you visit, don't be surprised if you are not able to have full views of the cityscape.

The Brandenburg Gate is probably the most famous landmark in Berlin. The gate was constructed as a monument to victory after the Frederick William II, helped squash the Dutch rebellion. Because of events during our visit, Brandenburg Gate was occupied by public events, so access to it was very limited.

Checkpoint Charlie still stands in the middle of old town, Berlin. It sits in the middle of a heavily transited street, between modern buildings, and, unironically, next to a McDonald's. The checkpoint was the most popular crossing point of the Berlin Wall. Much of the history and personal stories surrounding this landmark are posted on walls in the vicinity of the checkpoint.

All in all Berlin left us longing to come back for a full visit. This city begs a visit whether to experience culture, food, architecture, special events, or a relaxed time, you will find it in Berlin.


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