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About Imag[in]e

   Welcome to Imag[in]e! I have finally decided that a website is the best way to share our family's experiences. This is not a photography website, I am a photography enthusiast and in no way near a professional. I like taking pictures of our family adventures and would like to share those with whoever is interested in following.

  Imag[in]e, is how I explain the way photography changes the way you see things.  You see opportunity, think how you would frame things you see, or that a particular scene does not photograph well.  It's the way you view the world when photography changes your perspective radically. You see opportunity to capture the world around you in little details that you did not before. You see beyond what is there or what you were able to see before.

Photography is an awesome creative outlet and it has been life changing for me.

  My goal with this website is to provide the outlet for those that need a mental vacation, or a quick review of the places we have been to.

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