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From the start, Edinburgh will captivate you as it surrounds you with a feeling that you stand in a very old city. The sandstone buildings are something you see in movies or imagine when you think of the middle ages; but to stand there and take it all in, is an experience that you ought to live, someday.

Edinburgh has this duality that you cannot escape from contemplating. On one hand, the city is windy and rainy, there is an overcast with mostly gray skies for more than two thirds of daylight hours; and on the other, the city turns bright and warm when the sun finally comes out to shine upon you; almost as if it had this intrinsic warmth ready to embrace you with.

Edinburgh is a very walkable city, however, it seems that everywhere you go you will go uphill or up a long set of stairs. Public transportation is very accessible, reliable, comfortable, affordable, and easy to use. Ensuring that navigating the city is a pleasant experience.

Our first hill climbed was up to Castle Rock to see the famous Edinburgh Castle, which stands next to the Scotch Whiskey Experience (in case you need a break.) Although the castle can be seen from every point of the old town, it is worth the climb to see it up-close.

The castle construction began in the early 12th century and it tooks many years to build as many of its sections were added through different times.

The view from Castle Rock is engrossing. You are treated to breathtaking panoramic views of the city that can extend to several miles on a clear day. From there, you can see many of the historic landmarks and monuments around the city.

Calton Hill is another landmark that cannot be missed when visiting Edinburgh. It is possible to see a panoramic view of the New Town as well as the Firth of Forth (maybe even the North Sea). Edinburgh castle stands grand from Calton Hill, and it is easy to see the transition from Old Town to New Town from here as well.

Another of our favorite places we visited is the East Princes Street Gardens. The views from this point are captivating. Every direction that you turn your head to, you will see beauty and the work of many that endures time. From Scott Monument to the Museum of the Mound and from The National Galleries to The Balmoral, every direction will offer you an exceptional view.

Other great attractions are a walk away in New Town. Like the Circus Ln whose composition is a great setting for pictures. The curvature of the street along with the colorful facades, and with Saint Stephen's Theater as a backdrop makes this a location to visit.

Dean Village was another favorite spot from this visit. Maybe because I did not expect to find a different kind of neighborhood that seems to be preserved through time. The combination of the nature and old buildings gave me a sense that we had traveled through time. (Although this feeling seemed to follow me throughout Edinburgh.)

Along with the neighborhoods that give a unique feeling to Edinburgh, there is an architectural feature of the city that makes it unique: its closes or wynds. Closes or wynds are very narrow streets or pathways that connect the Royal Mile to the surrounding thoroughfares below Castle Rock. These wynds can be peatonal paths or stair between buildings, and they tend to be so narrow that you might not see them if you are not paying attention. These wynds give the Royal Mile a feel of antiquity and many are lined with historic buildings and courtyards.

Edinburgh is a destination that you must add to your bucket list. The city will charm you with its beautiful landscapes, its historic buildings, and its unique style. As Scotland is the land of some of the best whiskey in the world, you must stop and enjoy one of your favorites or get to know new ones at The Scotch Whiskey Experience. The food scene is very well represented with restaurants from all types of cuisine. All in all there are many reasons to add this destination for a visit, we absolutely recommend it.


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