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With restrictions starting to tighten in Europe once again, our plans for a summer vacation had to be postponed. As European authorities designated Belgium as a red zone, we had no choice but to find a city within Belgium to visit. After five months of staying at home and rarely going out we needed a break from the confinement. We then decided to visit the picturesque town of Durbuy.

Durbuy is the smallest city in Belgium and also commonly advertised as the smallest city in the world. Although you can tour the whole city in less time than most European towns, you will have more fun than you can imagine. We have been to Durbuy during the Christmas market season, and wanted to see it in warmer weather. Durbuy's Christmas Market is phenomenal, one of the best we visited this past season. The market is as big as those from large Belgian cities and the variety of food is second to none. This could be due to the fact that there are many restaurants in Durbuy, more than you would expect in a town its size, mostly due to the many visitors the town hosts.

Tourism is big business in Durbuy as people travel to the many bike trails that surround the beautiful town and because it's a great spot for motorcycle clubs to stop for lunch and a quick break.

Durbuy offers many activities to its visitors and plenty of lodging if you would like to spend the night. The city is surrounded by mountains that count with excellent hiking trails, from beginner to expert levels. You will see many families taking on the trails and coming to town for a well deserved break.

The L'Ourthe river cuts through the city and presents a great opportunity to kayak and see the surrounding areas by the water. There is also a walkway along the L'Ourthe river if you prefer to walk than kayak. Right outside the town there is an adventure park that has a large ropes course with different areas for kids and adults.

Durbuy offers its visitors great sites as well. For those who like geology Hoamlius's rock will make your day. Homalius's Rock is an anticlinal formation, or a huge rocks that have folded into an arch-like structure. All in all, the Homalius's Rock is a great natural feature to behold, one to remind us that, in time, everything will be alright.

Durbuy was a great experience for us. A little respite from the monotony drawn by the restrictions. We were finally able to get out and enjoy a city we like while staying safe. We complied with the local regulations, kept our masks on and observed the necessary distancing. We avoided crowding places and most importantly we allowed the elderly and other vulnerable groups the space they need to also enjoy themselves. Stay safe and strong!

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