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Before COVID changed the whole world, we visited Copenhagen in the summer of 2019. We found a beautiful city with great history, food and music.

Copenhagen is as the farthest north we have traveled in Europe thus far. I expected a cold, reserved country, but instead, we were amazed by the warm reception by the Danish people. Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark and it has the added beauty of being surrounded by the Sound strait which carves many canals into and through the city, creating an amazing landscape and an alternative mode of getting around and seeing the city.

Renting a boat and moving around the canals is something that everybody should consider when visiting Copenhagen. It can help you see the layout of the city, making it easier when sightseeing by foot. There are several boat rental companies to chose from. The canals are very easy to navigate and the companies renting the boats provide you with a map of the city's waterways and a quick orientation on how to drive the boat and what to expect.

We spent a few days in Copenhagen and looking back, I think we could have stayed well over a week exploring Denmark and traveling across the Sound Strait into Sweden. If you have a few days to plan a trip, consider a tour across the Sound Strait.

This trip introduced us to a micro-nation we did not know existed, Christiania, a small commune that separated from Denmark and self proclaimed an independent nation. Although Christiania is very small, just a few blocks, it was a great experience to walk its streets and see what a micro nation is like.

We were surprised how different cultures can be brought closer together through music. We heard a lot of American music playing in every place we visited. We experienced how music can knock down the walls that separate you from other cultures and people and can provide a medium to find common ground.

Like many places in Europe, people are environmentally conscious and many use a bicycle as their main means of transportation. If you are a walker, though, be careful not to be ran over by people on their bikes. Watch the bike lane, always!

There is also the honesty of the Danish. In more than one occasion we had the opportunity to witness the Danish honesty at play. First, in business, when converting Euro to Kroner people always gave me the right change even when my math failed me. Then in their metro system, when taking the metro in Denmark, there is no system to scan your ticket or that restricts your access to the platforms. The government trusts you to pay for your ticket without having someone to verify it. You can buy ticket for unlimited rides for a day, week, month or annual passes. People do the right thing, as they always should.

In addition to the beautiful cityscapes and waterways, Copenhagen provides its visitors with an incredible amusement park near the city center, Tivoli Gardens. Tivoli has amazing views and is a great way to relax after a day of exploring the city. With a number of restaurants, deserts and coffee, Tivoli Gardens was where we closed our days in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen is a wonderful city with lots of things to do. You will need a few days to see all the sites and visit all the attractions. You will experience good music, great food, and many many places to see from the ground or the canals.


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