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Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Traveling this last year, I realized that some of the places that were low on my list to visit have been the best spots to see, so I looked at some places that flew low in my radar a year before and found a hidden jewel, Vienna. We picked Vienna in January for a weekend trip to celebrate our 19th anniversary. I love music and visiting one of the most important cities for classical music and opera, was a must. However, Vienna captivated us with its beauty, its history, and with the surprise of a snowy evening our last night there.

The Vienna Opera House

As you reach the city center, the most historical area in most European cities, you see a conspicuous building in its skyline, the St Stephen's Cathedral. A prominent and gorgeous building from afar, unveils into a majestic work of art from up close.

The square in front of the cathedral offers many shops and restaurants to its visitors, but the architecture around this area keeps you in awe at every turn. Musicians and singers perform in the square at all hours of the day transporting you to another time, with classical music and operas.

In every street you find history, beautiful buildings and new things to learn. St Michel's square looks like a scene from a movie, and it exhibits Roman ruins from the 2nd century. It was strange and fascinating seeing three ages collide, the ancient, medieval, and modern, all in that marvelous setting.

The Austrian National Library was definitely our favorite place that we visited. Whether it was our love for books or the baroque design, it kept us entertained and wide eyed for hours. The library offered a unique feeling of antiquity, and surrounded us with art, books, and a space that felt so unique, that we instantly felt astounded.

After a cold stroll through the city, enjoying how the snow made everything we had seen already look like a different city, we finished the day at cafe central. Famous for the cast of intellectuals and celebrities that have made cafe central their favorite hangout for decades, the cafe rather looks like a museum than an eatery. The atmosphere is classy and the paintings decorating its walls honors their royal family.

Our anniversary trip was unique in many ways. As our kids grow older we start looking at and enjoying things differently. We look closer at everything and how we fit in, instead of through the filter of tending to our children. We look for things that build us as a couple and help us grow. We enjoyed watching what God has given human hands the ability and talent to build.

Vienna brought us closer together. We enjoyed our time there, and felt that a weekend was not enough to see Vienna and enjoy all that it can offer.


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