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Fall in Europe

Fall is a special time of year. The beauty of the transitioning stages in the lifecycle in trees and flora is indescribable. The shedding of the leaves depicts the end of a cycle and the last quarter of the year. You find all kinds of symbolisms in the changing atmosphere that touch our hearts.

Although, fall signals the start of the cold weather, it is also the beginning of the holiday season which allows us to come closer together with family, friends, neighbors, and even strangers. Classic traditions, seasonal meals and drinks elevate this time of year to be my favorite.

We have come to love the fall in Europe. There are so many parks and forests, that I doubt we could visit them all during our stay here. We have now added parks and forested areas to our touring calendar. We have learned that many parks and forests have special attractions, something that makes them special and different. So we will now add stops when we travel to see them, starting with those closest to us, discovering a whole new range of scenes and attractions.

This year, with all the restrictions applied to prevent the spread of COVID, we have come to appreciate nature and our nature walks more than ever. We have come closer to nature in a way that we have not experienced before. As little trips to parks give us respite from the self isolation during heavy restrictions imposed throughout Europe, we have increased our visits to parks. We started coupling our trips with long walks and exercise activities to enjoy the scenes fully.

The changing colors and catching a glimpse of the falling leaves brings a dramatic warmth to landscapes. Walking through paths as leaves crunch beneath your feet brings up the child in you, making it a fun experience.

With everything that is going on, all the instability and chaos, it is necessary to take a break, look around, and see the beauty around you. Take the time to admire the majesty of the sunset and the symbiosis between plants, animals, and people, in our ecosystems.

Explore new places and seek new experiences. We are already doing things we never thought we would do. Let's make of these times a positive new way of living by getting closer to nature and enjoying the beauty around us. Let's work on getting stronger, fortifying our immune system with fresh air, positivity, and getting closer to nature.


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