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Updated: Apr 1, 2020

The first time we went to London it was completely unplanned. We had booked a trip to Italy and the airline we were traveling with cancelled out tickets last minute because of labor disputes. I think that ended up being one of the best trips we've had...thus far.

London was a nice surprise for me. I had no expectations, but knew that as a capital, we had to visit it. The city absorbs you immediately with its energy, the magnificence of its skyline and its history.

We walked through the streets of London for three days before moving on to the next city and it still left me with a desire to see more of it.

We saw some of the most iconic landmarks in the world here. Like the London Eye, the Tower Bridge, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and St Paul's Cathedral. Now when we watch movies locations add another level of entertainment.

Although, we did not get to see any member of the Royal Family, the idea of being in the same city made the city more intriguing. The surrounding areas of Buckingham palace, its gardens and Hyde Park, are beautiful to see during fall.

Although Big Ben is under repair and there is some construction in the city, it is worth the visit, since there is still plenty more to see.

London opened our eyes to how beautiful the United Kingdom really is. It quickly became one of my favorite cities in Europe.


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