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Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Ghent is one of my favorite cities in Belgium. It ranks high on my list, on par with Brugges. Although the historical center is small, every turn on its streets opens up into a wonderful scene.

The town is filled with students and is a photographer's favorite. The city has two rivers converging in its city center, adding to the scenery and beauty.

The tour of the city on boats is a common scene in Ghent, and although is a short trip, the views from the water make it worth it, especially at night.

The medieval architecture of the city only amplifies the experience, it gives you a sense of its history, and what the city and its people have survived.

The Christmas season is probably the best time to visit Europe. The typical Christmas Markets engulf you in the season spirit and its a unique experience that you will like to repeat every year.

Any time of the year you visit, you will have a great time and be captivated in its beauty.


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